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  • Swedish Hospital

    Swedish Hospital

    Overseeing facility management for a large commercial building such as a hospital or an office building can be a daunting task. Thermal Imagers can help make that job easier and more efficient. Being able to scan areas and find problems before they occur can save time and money.

    With ever increasing energy costs and slimming budgets, being able to keep a facility up and operational is a great way to keep costs down. A Swedish hospital group did just that. Over the past few years they have been able to save over 4 million Euros using thermal imagers to keep their facilities in tip top shape. Click here to learn how they did it.


  • Eaton


    Thermal imaging cameras visualize excess heat coming off of electrical components and thus help to detecting creeping and acute potential for breakdowns, outages, or accidents. Large industrial companies like The American Eaton Group, who turnover 9.8 billion dollars worldwide yearly, depend on FLIR thermal imagers to make sure their electrical and mechanical equipment works correctly and efficiently as possible.

    Thermographers at Eaton use Flir software to provide fully radiometric thermograms, visible light photos and blended images to their supervisors, who then use this data to take appropriate action on faulty and deteriorating equipment. The Eaton Group estimates that this ability to store and classify data so precisely saves the company 250,000 dollars a year in their European sections alone. These features are available in the FLIR E-series and T-series cameras. To learn more, read this Application Story from Flir.


  • General Motors Company

    General Motors Company

    FLIR thermal imagers are highly accurate, non-destructive, non-contact, and fast, according to Daniel Sinclair of General Motors Corporation, who says that the instant images and data that are made available for reporting by the camera allow for trending analysis that is used in turn to project time to failure of a component, enable optimal repair scheduling, and preempt catastrophic failure.

    Sinclair concludes that GM saves millions in potential repairs cost every year through “predictive maintenance” (PdM) and identifies three main important factors in thermal analysis. First, repairs are much less expensive before catastrophic failure occurs, and proactive upkeep avoids collateral damage to other equipment, in-process product, and personnel. Second, repairs can be made during downtime or shift changes to minimize production loss. Finally, time to make a proactive repair is substantially less than a reactive repair. Experience these benefits through the full line of FLIR infrared cameras. To learn more, read this Application Story from Flir.