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    The world of thermal imaging is progressing rapidly, especially due to research and development efforts of various companies, with FLIR leading the pack. FLIR’s extreme commitment to new developments in the field has brought MSX technology to the market at a previously impossible price point.

    This technology, known in full as Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging, uses an advanced algorithm to extract high contrast visible light details from the device’s digital camera and then digitally etches these details into the thermal images that are displayed onscreen, in real-time. This allows for the cleanest and sharpest looking thermal images in the industry and increases the detail added to reports and analyses.


  • Buchstaller

    Flir B-Series infrared cameras are a great non-destructive method for seeing behind walls or facades to find hidden problems in relation to energy loss and moisture damage. With heating and fuel costs increasing in the past decade, now is the right time to get serious about finding efficiencies that can have a dramatic impact on HVAC costs in the home.

    The Flir B-Series allow you to do all the measurements you need to get the job done. With customizable settings and report creation software, you’ll have everything at your fingertips to begin today. To learn more, read this Application Story from Flir.


  • General Motors Company

    General Motors Company

    FLIR thermal imagers are highly accurate, non-destructive, non-contact, and fast, according to Daniel Sinclair of General Motors Corporation, who says that the instant images and data that are made available for reporting by the camera allow for trending analysis that is used in turn to project time to failure of a component, enable optimal repair scheduling, and preempt catastrophic failure.

    Sinclair concludes that GM saves millions in potential repairs cost every year through “predictive maintenance” (PdM) and identifies three main important factors in thermal analysis. First, repairs are much less expensive before catastrophic failure occurs, and proactive upkeep avoids collateral damage to other equipment, in-process product, and personnel. Second, repairs can be made during downtime or shift changes to minimize production loss. Finally, time to make a proactive repair is substantially less than a reactive repair. Experience these benefits through the full line of FLIR infrared cameras. To learn more, read this Application Story from Flir.