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  • E.on Bayern

    E.on Bayern

    Having properly functioning, efficient electrical equipment and avoiding faults and outages are essential to remaining ahead of the market in the electrical services industry. That’s why companies like E.on Bayern, the world’s largest private-sector energy services company, use FLIR thermal imaging cameras to make certain that repairs are carried out in a timely manner and that problems can be prevented before they happen.

    E.on Bayern’s team of 8 thermographers perform checks on over 43,000 pieces of equipment on a rotating schedule to ensure that all sectors are functioning properly and service continues uninterrupted to their customers. This also helps them to avoid extra costs caused by faulty devices and potential fires and other disasters. The functions and features needed to maintain this same level of excellence are available in FLIR’s i-series, E-series, and T-series cameras. To learn more, read this Full Application Story from Flir.


  • Transocean Inc.

    Transocean Inc.

    Thermal imagers have a wide range of application in the industrial and mechanical fields due to the high amount of heat and friction generated by the constantly moving parts and machinery. Transocean Inc., the world’s largest offshore oil drilling contractor, uses FLIR cameras to diagnose problems aboard their rigs to save on valuable time and repair costs.

    In one instance where one of only two glycol pumps on a rig was scheduled to be stripped and disassembled to diagnose a problem, Bob Speirs, an operations engineer, used a FLIR thermal camera to pinpoint the problem to a suction valve that was generating excess heat due to a cracked guide. The part was replaced, saving 12 hours of labor and downtime for the pump. The full range of FLIR cameras provides these valuable heat sensing capabilities. To learn more, read this Application Story from Flir.


  • CNA


    Electrical systems are depended upon by companies to work very reliably. Without periodic inspection and maintenance, a company runs the risk of high energy costs, possible outages, and at the worst electrical fires which can run costs up from an estimated $200K to $1million dollars.

    Insurance companies like CNA are now providing thermography inspections as part of their standard services to businesses to ensure that these potential savings are gained and potential disasters avoided. Thermal inspection benefits can also be achieved privately by companies looking to save on energy costs, keep equipment up and running, and avoid catastrophes. All of the features necessary to conduct accurate and money-saving thermal inspections are available in the FLIR i-series, E-series, and T-series thermal imaging cameras. To learn more, read this Full Application Story from Flir.