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  • E.on Bayern

    E.on Bayern

    Having properly functioning, efficient electrical equipment and avoiding faults and outages are essential to remaining ahead of the market in the electrical services industry. That’s why companies like E.on Bayern, the world’s largest private-sector energy services company, use FLIR thermal imaging cameras to make certain that repairs are carried out in a timely manner and that problems can be prevented before they happen.

    E.on Bayern’s team of 8 thermographers perform checks on over 43,000 pieces of equipment on a rotating schedule to ensure that all sectors are functioning properly and service continues uninterrupted to their customers. This also helps them to avoid extra costs caused by faulty devices and potential fires and other disasters. The functions and features needed to maintain this same level of excellence are available in FLIR’s i-series, E-series, and T-series cameras. To learn more, read this Full Application Story from Flir.


  • Buchstaller

    Flir B-Series infrared cameras are a great non-destructive method for seeing behind walls or facades to find hidden problems in relation to energy loss and moisture damage. With heating and fuel costs increasing in the past decade, now is the right time to get serious about finding efficiencies that can have a dramatic impact on HVAC costs in the home.

    The Flir B-Series allow you to do all the measurements you need to get the job done. With customizable settings and report creation software, you’ll have everything at your fingertips to begin today. To learn more, read this Application Story from Flir.


  • Airoptima


    As energy prices continue to rise it is increasingly important to build homes that can help keep those energy costs at bay. Passive houses are exceptionally insulated; do not have heat bridges, use heat exchangers, sun radiation and other sources to preserve from air outflow by transferring that energy to fresh air inflow. It is crucial in the building process of these types of homes, and the optimization of existing homes, to be able to take non-contact and non-invasive temperature measurements at a high level of accuracy to ensure that the home is free from building construction faults, warm bridges or air leaks.

    Many companies such as Airoptima, which deals especially in eco housing, are using FLIR cameras to ensure that these issues are easily found, recorded, and promptly addressed. Owner Mark Meyer used FLIR B-series cameras to ensure that his clients’ homes were in the best shape possible, relying on extra features like insulation alarms, humidity readings, and picture-in-picture display. Meyer says that FLIR cameras are indispensable in the building process and you can now get all of these features and more in the new upgraded FLIR E-Series bx models, specifically design for building inspection and construction projects. To learn more, read this Full Application Story from Flir.